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Willy Cano

Willy Cano is a CLIL teacher trainer and a qualified bilingual teacher who worked in the Bilingual Program of the Community of Madrid from its establishment. He has prepared Community of Madrid teachers and language assistants.  He developed CLIL approach as a coordinator of the Program at ‘Daniel Martín’ Primary School. 
He is an advisor for several School Associations improving a CLIL development of Bilingualism.
 He is coordinating CLIL materials for SM-UDP. He is a CLIL expert for the International University of La Rioja, UNIR.  He wrote a CLIL Handbook for Spanish Bilingual Schools.  He posts all his contributions on his blog CLILforsuccess

Donal Thompson

Donal Thompson worked in community theatre and theatre-in-education before coming to Spain 27 years ago to teach English. He has experience of a diverse range of teaching environments from preprimary playgroups and university seminars to online language coaching and immersive residential courses with the Spanish Armed Forces. He has imparted practical courses for teachers in the Madrid local education authority on how to use English poetry in their classroom as well as talks at  the University of Alcalá and the University of Salamanca.

He now works as an independent editorial consultant working on CLIL materials for SM-UDP. 

School Consultancy

4 year individual plan

 Initial Evaluation
+ Plataforma AECLIL 
+ Local School Context

 2  Four Year Plan and Monitoring 
+ Annual Plan
+ Monthly reports  
+ Student reports
+ Testing
+ External Exams
+ Final Report
3 Interactions
+ Classroom visits
+ Meetings with Directors Team
+ Marketing 
+ Memorandum

4 Training
+ CLIL training
+ Specific Courses

 Complete School Consultation Service  

We have designed online, face-to-face and blended learning courses to cater for your training needs.


A beginner's guide to the principles of Content and Language Integrated Learning.


Going beyond the basics building blocks of CLIL to create sophisticated and ambitious modules.


Social and Natural Science can be daunting when you need to teach them in English. This course equips you with the language you need to teach your subject well.


Don't tolerate Spanglish. Brush up your job specific English to make sure your schooldays are smooth days.

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